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5 Tips on Improving SEO for Cleaning Companies

cleaning company seo

SEO for cleaning companies is no walk in the park. What keywords should you focus on and optimize for? How do you rank for specific keywords? Do you need to be a genius to find success with SEO? In this article, we’ll answer those questions and discuss 7 tips on SEO for cleaning companies.


First, let’s define SEO.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results (source: Moz). 


In other words, the result of SEO is how well you rank in a search engine such as Google. The better your SEO, the higher you will rank. 


SEO is made up of many facets that we’ll touch on in this article.   


There’s one other thing we should make clear before jumping into this. 


Your goal as a cleaning company should be to show as a top result on Google when a potential customer has made a search. 


seo for cleaning companies


OK, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s jump into it.

What you must know about SEO for cleaning companies

There are a handful of things you should know about SEO for cleaning companies before you get started.


Don’t be fooled by the snake oil salesmen. When looking for an SEO agency to handle your cleaning company SEO avoid any companies that tell you that will rank you number one in Google after a month or two. It’s important to know that SEO is a long-term investment. It takes time. 


Steer clear of any company that is doing “black hat” SEO techniques. These sorts of techniques will do lasting damage to your website and the way Google’s algorithm perceives your website. 


The honest truth is that if you continue to work at your SEO on a regular basis and touch on each of the ranking signals that Google prioritizes then you will start to rank higher and higher. And as you start to rank higher the leads will be pouring in. One of the beautiful things is that you don’t have to pay for each and every click as you have to with Google Ads. 

Good SEO for cleaning companies takes time

As we touched on above, the fruits of your SEO labor take time to grow and finally harvest. It’s a long process that can take six to ten months to see results. It’s also heavily dependent on the competition in your area and how they are handling their SEO. 


Success with SEO for cleaning companies isn’t something that happens overnight. 


Once you start ranking well in the Google search results, as long as you are continuing to prioritize optimizing various aspects of your articles, site, listings, etc. you will continue to reap the benefits of your SEO for years to come.


It’s important to note that SEO is only one part of your marketing strategy. You need a good foundation to build upon. Specifically, you’ll need a well-built and optimized website, a strong Google My Business listing, a reputation management system and more. We go into details on each of these within our article: Cleaning Business Marketing Strategies to Increase Leads and Book Jobs

Create location specific service pages that are optimized for local reach

Creating location specific pages will vastly help increase the visibility of your cleaning company online when users search for “[TOWN NAME] + cleaning company” and other related searches. 


This is a key SEO for cleaning companies’ tips that must not be avoided. 


You can replicate this approach for all of your service areas. Of course, you must remember to use unique content for each so it can get a bit tedious. Google will likely penalize you if you attempt to duplicate the content exactly. You should strictly use other location pages as a sort of guide or template for new location pages that you create. 


It’s important that you include some key information about your cleaning company and mention the service area a handful of times in an attempt to make the page keyword rich. But remember, we do not want to overly stuff the page with keywords either. 

Utilize Google My Business to help improve cleaning company SEO and to rank higher in Google Maps

This has increasingly become an important part of ranking organically on google. To improve SEO for cleaning companies, you should optimize your Google My Business listing.


We see countless cleaning companies that have Google My Business pages, but they never seem to fully optimize it.


If you want to improve the SEO for your cleaning company then you must take your Google My Business listing seriously. 


The three most important factors within Google My Business that determine how companies rank are:

  • Relevance
  • Proximity
  • Prominence  


Relevance determines just how well your cleaning business fits the search intent of the potential customer. Is your service what the customer actually wants and needs? It is important that you optimize your GMB page to be as clear as possible in order to rank well for the services you offer.


This is one of the more obvious ranking factors. Your proximity to the searcher plays a huge role in your ranking within their search results. The closer you are to the searcher, the better.  


Sharing and geo-tagging location specific content will help your business show in the various towns you are targeting.  


To summarize, a well optimized GMB page will help your cleaning business with its organic search, Google Maps and local pack rankings.


Managing reviews that you get on Google plays a huge role in SEO for cleaning companies. As mentioned in the proximity section above, posting pictures on your listing will greatly improve your ranking as well. 

Creating content to optimize SEO for a cleaning business doesn’t have to be difficult

We often hear that people are confused about how SEO for a cleaning company works. 


But there we’re here to tell you that it’s actually not as confusing as you may have thought. Sure, it is a lot of work, but it is totally doable for you.


We’ve outlined some of the quickest and easiest steps you can take to optimize your Google My Business page (which will help your local cleaning company SEO as well). 

Some quick and easy first steps to take

If you haven’t already, claim your listing. Follow the below guidelines and keep in mind that inaccurate information will badly hurt your listing which can in turn hurt your rankings. Be honest.

  • Claim your listing with your actual business name
  • Choose your business category 
  • Complete your GMB profile to 100%
  • Confirm that your phone number is accurate
    • Take a look at the Google Ads phone number section and set that up (if you are running Google Ads)
  • Confirm your business hours
  • Review all your photos and optimize whichever you can
  • Keep all of your data up-to-date

Start blogging on a regular basis to help with improving SEO for a cleaning business

Blogging can dramatically increase traffic to your company website. Writing keyword-rich articles is a great method to utilize for SEO for cleaning companies. 


Think you may have a difficult time sourcing article topics?


Brainstorm various aspects of your business that are interesting and start there. Maybe you have some home cleaning tips you want to share with people. Write about them. 


The beautiful thing about writing articles like this is that most of them will probably be “evergreen” so you can cash in on them year round. 


To conclude, SEO for cleaning companies is not an overnight success. It takes time and hard work. If you find that you have questions after reading this article, please contact us here.


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