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Paid Search



Marquis Autos is the premier auto leasing broker in the tri-state area. Marquis prides itself on having the lowest prices on any make and model car. However, the amount of competition within their space that hast recently appeared is substantial. This created an urgent need to increase the steady flow of quality leads that they were getting. They needed more consumers to learn about what they had to offer.


We built search and display campaigns to test the best targeting and marketing message in order to drive as many targeted conversions at the lowest cost/conversion as possible to the client’s website.



We focused specifically on Nassau County.

We created campaigns that were specific to make and models of cars with “lease” appended to it. We also created a “general” campaign with various car/auto lease keywords. See below for the various ad groups we were running:



First month’s ad spend of $1.5k pulled in 51 leads. The CPL was $29. The results completely blew away the client’s expectations and they’ve since tripled their Google Ads budget.

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