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Home Inspection Company


XYZ Home Inspections is a national home inspection company. The amount of competition within their space had created an urgent need to increase the steady flow of quality leads.


We built search and display campaigns to test the best targeting and marketing message in order to drive as many targeted conversions at the lowest cost/conversion as possible to the client’s website.



The goal was to increase the number of quality conversions through form and phone calls on the client’s website. We would be targeting a national market, which surely needed a lot of ad dollars in order to make a dent in the impression share.


We broke out the campaigns in order to control over budget allocation. Company wanted to put a large majority of the funds in the place where we could drive a large volume of conversions at a low cpa.


Landing page split tests were done while tracking the different stages of the buying process. We analyzed keywords by how likely the user was to convert. We got a lot of insight in regards to keywords that drove traffic from users who were still just in the research phase and not just ready to buy.



Total ad spend of $49,823.46 from May 13 to October 6 2017.

Before working with us, the client was spending over $135 per lead. We were able to drive their cost per lead down below $50 and maximize their ad dollars.

Takeaway: Continually test and optimize based on click and conversion data and we were proactive in our account build approach. For example, while checking the search terms report, if we saw a search that we weren’t exactly targeting, but it was a good match, we would split ad groups and expand on it.


How We Did It

  • Search & Display campaigns on Google Ads
  • Remarketing


Local service business that provides home inspections to home buyers across the United States.

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