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JOLLY Law Firm is a law firm that services the tri-state area. They work in the very competitive space of handling personal injury cases. The competitiveness within their focus vertical has created a huge need to increase their lead pipeline.


We rebuilt their search campaigns to test some of the most specific targeting we could in order to drive as many targeted conversions as possible. You have to remember, these cases they handle can go on for years, so it’s very important that their pipeline always stays full with new leads. In other words, they may not see the dollar return on a converted lead until years later.



The objective was to increase the number of quality leads through both form fills and phone calls on the client’s website.


Being that the client isn’t one of the biggest spenders in their market, we had to be very specific in our targeting and be sure to value every last penny we were spending while still putting a nice dent in the impression share.


We tested out various keyword targeting for the specific types of personal injury cases they handle. We removed all of their generic ad copy and implemented unique copy that was sure to entice a qualified user to click.



Monthly ad spend started at $3,000 and is now up to $7,500.


Before working with us, the client was spending over $435 per lead. We were able to drive their cost per lead down below $200 and maximize their ad dollars.


How We Did It

  • Search campaigns with highly targeted keywords
  • Extremely diligent use of negative keywords

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