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Google Ads for Movers

The moving industry is one of the most essential spaces that exists in the country. It’s a tough business to be in. Think about it. On average a person moves every ~5 years or so and a person with a family even less frequently. It’s a big event that doesn’t happen often. Due to the nature of the business, people don’t have a moving company on speed dial the way they do a groomer for their dog.


It’s important for you (the moving company) to show up in front of a person when they are searching for you. This leads me to my next thought. What is the best channel for getting in front of potential customers? The answer is simple. Google Ads. The majority of people will go straight to Google when making their search for a moving company. What better place to show than at the top of the search results page? Google Ads for movers is extremely important and a marketing channel that should not be overlooked.


If you’re concerned about the cost of leads, just think of it like this. It’s a simple math equation…


You pay $20-40 per (qualified, in-market) lead.


You book 65% of leads into paying jobs. Let’s say your average move cost is around $1,200. Which, by the way, is being very conservative. Forbes estimates that the average move is about $1,400. This means that if 10 leads cost you roughly $300 (10*$30), you booked $7,200 (6*$1,200) worth of work out of that. Not bad, right?


There is money to be made in this industry through running a successful Google Ads campaign.


That reminds me. I wanted to share some key performance metrics of some moving companies we’re working with:


Here’s a moving company in California who spends around $3,000 per month on Google Ads. They’ve gotten some really great results. Note the 651 leads at $36.35 per lead. They are closing roughly 65% of those leads, so that’s about 423 jobs from $23,664 in spend during this time frame. The average move is around $1,100 in the towns they operate in. Let’s do the math on their return on investment during this time period. 423 jobs * $1,100 per job (on average) = $465,300 in revenue. Those are tremendous numbers! See the screenshot straight out of Google Ads below:



Or how about this moving company in Ohio?



Here’s a moving company in Michigan who had a really bad experience with Google Ads before they met us:


Here’s a company in Florida who is really interested in a vanity position (always/almost always showing close to position #1) above their competitors:


The possibilities are endless with a properly managed Google Ads account for your moving company.


If you want to get more moving jobs from Google Ads and you want a Google Ads manager who has years of experience in the industry, then look no further. Let’s chat.

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