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Google Ads Management

We help local service businesses increase sales by getting them more leads from Google Ads.

We want to deliver an exceptional service, which is why we don’t just take on every business. If we’re a fit for you and we feel that we can help your business, then we’ll take the appropriate steps to move forward.

Declare Media

Peak Google Ads performance in no time


Get More High-Quality Leads

We can get your business the quality leads it needs to thrive. The leads we get you from Google Ads are NOT people who are in the preliminary stages and "just researching" - these are people who are ready to buy your services right now.


Pay Less

Guess what, those quality leads we mentioned before - those will cost you less money than what you've been paying. You're probably wondering how. The truth is, we've got a proven system for success on Google Ads in the industries we serve.


Track ROI

Did I mention that everything we do on Google Ads is completely trackable? We use lead tracking software that helps us to measure campaign effectiveness.

The steps

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    1. One-on-one call so we can get the key info about your business.

    We get the obvious info, but also dive deeper into what marketing you’ve tried in the past, what’s worked, what hasn’t, etc. We’re happy to chat with you about your business goals and explain our services to you. We want to be sure that we can help you and that you understand our offering. We promise you - we are thorough.

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    2. Get started with the account building process.

    If you’ve decided we’re a fit and we’ve discovered that we can help you, then we’ll start building your campaigns in Google Ads. We’ll set your campaigns live on your chosen start date and very quickly leads will begin to come in.

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    3. Win.

    It’s time to win. You’ll start receiving quality leads at a great cost per lead. We’ll optimize your account based on the data we are gathering and we’ll be in close contact with you in regards to your account performance.


Foolproof Results

Our customers are smart business owners, but Google Ads is its own beast even for smart people. We make intelligent decisions that fit within your advertising goals.


We won't hijack your Google Ads account. You have full ownership and access to the account - we don't mark-up the ad spend or anything crazy like that.

No Contracts

We've seen an incredible amount of companies who have been locked into contracts for 6 month and sometime 12 month terms. We don't do that. Our services are month-to-month. You can rest assured we're always on your side.


We like to talk and we hope you do too. We're not only available by phone or email, but we're also available by text/sms.

Lead Tracking

The most essential part of any marketing campaign. We use historical data and software to increase lead volume and drive down customer acquisition cost.


Google Ads is complicated. It can be difficult to pull and analyze reports effectively. We get rid of the noise and show you key metrics that are crucial to your business goals. Nobody cares only about "increasing impressions" - they care about leads. And they want them at a fair price. That's exactly what we deliver for you.

Our Knowledge & Experience

We only do Google Ads management. And we only do it in a few industries that we know and care about. We focus on these industries because we have a track record of success for them.

Simple Management Fee

Our management fee is structured in a simple way. We never mark-up ad spend.

  • "Glad to have you working on this stuff for us!"

    Nick Huber, Bolt Storage

  • "And I know I've relayed this sentiment on multiple occasions already and I don't want to over inflate your head, but like I told you the very first time we talked, "ads and web marketing" and the bull$h*t makes me want to gag, almost as much as thinking about the $ wasted. It's often so egregious, I'd call it theft. You're worlds apart. Love the work you do, the communication, ideas, check in's, transparency, enthusiasm, etc. Super glad I made the call. If things didn't work out with you, I was going to adopt a lifetime "marketing ban"."

    Wesley S. Owner, Carpet Pro Cleaners

  • "I did my monthly website analytics meeting and was pleased to see our google ads for the website were #3 with a 300% increase! You’re kicking a$$ man thank you!"

    Austin Y. CEO, Central Coast Moving

  • "Also, I talked to a woman from [REDACTED] Franchise for about an hour, told her we really liked working with you and last companies didn't work out for us so hopefully she'll go with you and your team"

    Trent J. President, Buddy Moving

  • "To my fellow business owners! If you need an amazing Google Ads guy, Nick Vitucci and Declare Media are amazing! ... you can't beat the value he brings for the price he charges."

    Matt B. Owner, Four Peaks Junk Removal

  • "Nick Vitucci is a no bull$hit straight shooter if that's what you want."

    Bryant S. Owner, ACE Cleaning

  • "Just wanted to update with good news. Phone has been off the hook. Amazing. If it keeps up like this, will probably go up to $10k/month in spend in May or June."

    Darion P. Owner, inNout Movers

  • "You guys are my secret weapon!"

    Russell R. Sales, RockStar Pro Movers

You don’t have to think about it

We’ll save you time and energy.
With Declare Media your leads are on autopilot. It’s like magic.

View, review and rank your leads

Declare shows you your leads in an easy-to-use dashboard.

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    View your leads

    We report these leads to you in an easy to use dashboard.

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    Review your leads

    The dashboard outlines all lead data (name, phone number, email and more). You can review each and every lead within the dashboard or alongside your CRM.

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    Rank your leads

    You can rank each of your leads to help us with our efforts of delivering you more quality leads at lower cost per lead.

  • "You guys are doing amazing work for us. We're really happy with the growth since we signed on!"

    Matt R, The Move Caddies

  • "We really enjoyed working with Nick and his team. They built our website from scratch in a professional and timely manner. They worked well with our requests and always gave quick responses. Thank you!"

    Justice Pesce, Merrick Construction Group

  • "We just did our first $100k month. Nick, you're the man!"

    Teejay S. Owner, High Quality Moving Company

  • "I think that's what makes you such a great part of our team. Like minds. Professional service, undersell and over deliver."

    Jordan R., Carpet Pro Cleaners

  • "The work you do with Google Ads is the reason we're KILLING IT."

    Mark J. Owner, BeastMode Junk Removal

  • "Brother you KICK A$$ 👏 Our sales and profit margins have increased and a lot and we've gotten a lot of our online booking and large jobs. February's are usually our worst month, but this month was beautiful!"

    Joe C. Owner, Supreme Junk Removal

  • "The Declare Media team helped us in a massive way. They setup targeted PPC campaigns to get our business off the ground with initial clientele and they've been managing our campaigns ever since."

    Mike V. Operations, Gleem

  • "Nick, you know I look at you like an extension of our team. Keep up the hard work. Thank you I really appreciate you."

    Cris F. MoversPro 360

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Let us prove to you why we believe we’re the top Google Ads Management company for local service businesses. Forget what you’re used to, put your worries aside and let’s win - together.

We handle your Google Ads needs with our tried and true strategy that delivers more leads at a lower price for our clients. Get the lead volume you need to meet your business goals.

We want to deliver an exceptional service, which is why we don’t just take on every business. If we’re a fit for you and we feel that we can help your business, then we’ll take the appropriate steps to move forward.

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