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What’s it Like to Work with Declare?

Our partnership with clients is something we take a lot of pleasure in. We pride ourselves on the personal connections we make with our clients.


We don’t have unrealistic sales goals that we need to hit, actually, we don’t have any sales goals at all.


What does that mean to you?


That means we can assure you that we don’t have sales reps vultures nagging you to sign up with us. We do whatever is in our power to not over-promise and under-deliver. We love creating mutually beneficial and meaningful relationships.


If we don’t feel there’s a fit, we won’t take you on as a client just to boost our bottom line. There’s not much else worse than starting out a relationship that was never destined to work. We believe in picking the right clients to partner with, just as you believe in picking the right agency. Much of our success can be attributed to directly to this belief. Like I mentioned earlier, we want to start off on the right foot.


Initial research

At this point we’ve established that there’s an opportunity for you to get better results from your PPC advertising.


We’ll devise a plan that outlines how much PPC budget would be required to hit your goals.


Have questions related to what we’ve outlined? No problem; we have answers.


Week one with Declare

At this point we’ve begun to build out your campaigns (and likely have finished the initial build). We’ve researched the best keywords to target, we’ve created ads with any promotional offers/copy you’ve provided, we’ve devised a bid & budget plan and most importantly we’ve created the initial structure of your account.


Week two with Declare

At this point we’re setting up the necessary conversion tracking (if it hasn’t been done already). This is an extremely important step because it’ll help illustrate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with Declare. Leads from your PPC advertising will be tracked to the keyword that triggered in order for your ad to display to a user.


Your PPC campaigns have likely launched at this point.


Week three & beyond

At this point we’ve launched your PPC advertising (as mentioned above). Depending on how early on we launched your campaigns, we’ll start to analyze data that’s already began to come in (clicks, conversions – form fills and call, etc). We’ll make intelligent decisions based on the data we gather. Some optimizations may include: expanded on keywords being targeted, pausing keywords, adjusting ad copy, pausing ads, moving ad groups to different campaigns, adjusting bid strategies, adjusting budgets within campaigns, etc.


We’ll inform you on our early findings so that you know what’s working and how we plan to act on that data.


After the first month

The first month is very hectic. Not all months are like this. We know it may be very stressful for you as we embark on this journey together. It’s important that you come to us with any questions you may have. At any time.


Interested in working with Declare? Let’s see if we’re a fit!



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