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Auditing Your PPC Account

There are many aspects of a PPC account that one should be aware of when auditing or evaluating performance.


Some topics questions and notes that I examine while auditing an account are:


Account structure

  • How is the account currently structured?
  • Is the current structure limiting any high-performing campaigns?
  • Are any keywords taking all of the available budget from other keywords?
  • Does the structure make sense for the goals of the account?


Budgets and bidding

  • Are budgets shared and limiting performance in any campaigns?
  • Are smart bid strategies being utilized?
  • Is enhanced CPC on?
  • Any use of bid adjustments?



  • Are all match types being utilized?
  • If broad match type is being utilized is the negative keyword list built out enough?
  • How is the negative keyword list?
  • Are you combing through the search terms report and adding more negative keywords?
  • Utilizing broad match modified?
  • Utilizing geo appended keywords?



  • Exclude locations outside of service area
  • Take a look at the advanced location settings


Ad extensions

  • Is the account utilizing all appropriate ad extensions?
  • Is Google Business linked with a tracking number in the AdWords field?


Conversion tracking

  • Is conversion tracking properly setup?
  • Tracking all forms, live chats, calls?
  • Keyword level attribution for conversion tracking


Display & audiences

  • Are any audiences being utilized?
  • Is remarketing setup?
  • Remarketing list for search ads?
  • In-market for search?
  • Are mobile apps excluded from display targeting?
  • Check content exclusions
  • Check frequency capping


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